Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gumby's World: The Problem and Solution

Gumby's World: The Problem and Solution: "Problem: Most critical thinking human beings realize that this country was hijacked by neo-con, Grand Old Party (GOP), for lack of better d..."

The Problem and Solution


Most critical thinking human beings realize that this country was hijacked by neo-con, Grand Old Party (GOP), for lack of better description, corporate thugs. Our 401(k)’s were pilfered, our professional jobs, especially engineering and software, were off-shored and outsourced. These events occurred during the Bush regime watch: i.e., 2000-2008. Yes, Clinton’s NAFTA was a disgrace; he really was mollifying a GOP majority congress. But these actions set the ball rolling for the new thug regime: A regime that would stop at nothing, including actually growing the power of government, by providing excessive power, to both executive and judicial branches.
There goals seem to be absolute power--a corporate monarchy that fosters oppressing the collective people into serfdom. Yes, this is Zionism, and it must be stopped.
One may ask, “How and why did this come to be?” It actually was brewing during the Reagan years. Many of the well known neo-cons came right out of Reagan’s administration. Some of these neo-cons wanted the US to take military action in the middle-east for the sake of oil, and the step child, Israel’s sake. And yes, some of these neo-cons possessed dual citizenship between the United States and Israel. Reagan, spending this country into debt, grew a highly technical military machine, which would effectively end the Cold War, and be used for expanding corporate interest in the middle-east. The military industrial complex under George Bush Sr. needed an excuse or “trigger” for testing these newly developed weapons. Well, they got it with Gulf War 1. Neo-cons, such as Elliot Abrams were so pleased. Now, they foresaw middle-east dominance. Next, an excuse to completely decimate everything of Iraqi culture and colonize or setup corporatism there was needed. We all know how they got it: 911.
It’s Gumby's contention that people who have a propensity to follow money at any cost to humanity should not be mixing with sociopathic greedy Zionist’s whom eat, breath, and sleep money. Hence, politicians being bed fellows with large corporations. These people have no clue on what “empathy” is, and are essentially defective. I can’t refer to them as human, but Android.


Gumby has determined that these entities cannot be of human origin. So what can they be?
They really are Androids. Gumby believes a secret project was under taken at Area 51 during the Carter administration, without this administration’s knowledge. Some of the principals involved, including, Number 1, John Bolton, former head of the UN, under George W. Bush; neither claims, or disputes his involvement. The first GOP Android to be walking and breathing air, although is said to be close to termination, was Dick Cheney. Area 51 created some other Androids in those days; some are Wall Street Executives, still operating today. All were developed using old 8-bit microprocessor based technology.
As technology goes, advances have been made, and Area 51 continued manufacturing many variants, with differing processing capabilities. However, none of the processing capabilities turned out for the good of mankind, and our society has been infested, and unfortunately, governed by these parasites. These influential Androids have followers, such as the unlicensed contractor who sits in his pick-up all day listening to Right Wing talk radio. Area 51 did not know what they were propagating on America; in fact, there were unforeseen laboratory accidents that spawned Right Wing Televangelists.
So Gumby’s mission is simple: corral these Androids back to Area 51 and disable them for the good of mankind.